Pricing and Details

I am a natural light photographer, so all photo shoots are done outside in the natural light. Light during the middle of the day is coming from directly overhead and is harsh, therefore not the best light for outdoor shoots, so I like to do photo shoots after mid-afternoon. The closer the sun is towards setting the better the light is and the more beautiful the result.

Rose Point Park

Allan Bull Reserve

Singleton Show Grounds

Stomp Wines

You can choose the location, preferably local to Singleton (NSW Australia). There are extra costs associated with travel to other locations, we can discuss at time of booking. Some locations I use are Allan Bull Reserve and Rose Point, I can also come to your house/property, Singleton Showground is another location but I have to book it, Stomp Wines is an avaliable location but there are extra travel costs as it is about half an hour out of town. The number of photos you will receive depends mostly on how many people there are and how many photos I take. I often end up giving people around 40 photos, which are all the best shots from the shoot. 

Discounts (applies to all packages but Pets and Events)

You can get $50 off if everyone being photographed is happy to sign model release forms. The model release forms will allow me to resell the photographs, which I do by submiting some photos from the photo shoot (obviously the nicest ones) to Austockphoto. Photos on Austock are available for anyone to purchase.

$200 Family Photo Shoot (25-50 photographs)

The actual shoot is often an hour long, during that time I take shots of the whole family, the kids together and individually, the parents. I take candid shots at candid times. I also do other combinations like each child with each parent or all children with one parent, individual portraits etc. Other family members are welcome to join. If you have any special shots you want I am more than happy to include them.

$180 Engagement or Couple Photo Shoot (25-50 photographs)

40-70 minuets long. Very relaxed, we just walk around and take photos until we run out of light, poses or can’t find any more places to take photos. I like to let people be themselevs and have fun while we take photos, becaus the photos are more than just pictures of you, they are the special moments too.

$150 Maternity Photo Shoot (15-30 photographs)

Around a hour long. Please bring things like toys and baby clothes. I have letters we can use to get photos to announce your little ones name, or to give people a hint. We can get some shots that reveal if baby is a boy or girl or just keep everyone guessing, because that is fun too!

$120 Baby Photo Shoot (6-24 months) (10-25 photographs)

Baby shoots vary in length; they go for as long as we can keep the child happy. It will be less than an hour. The shoot is for one baby unless of course you have twins or even triplets. I have a few buckets and baskets for bub to pose in and mum can be included in a few shots too.

$140 Children Photo Shoot (15-30 photographs)

This can include a few children, siblings are welcome as are cousins. You will get more photos it there are more kids.

$100 – $150 Pet Photo Shoot (10-30 photographs)

An owner can be included in a few shots, and multiple pets. I have done horses, dogs, cats, chickens, guineapigs and I’m sure I can do stranger pets too. Again the number of shots you receive will grow the more pets are included.

$150 High School Formal Photos (15-25 photographs)

This can also include two friends as well.

$120 Individual Photo Shoot (25-5o photographs)

Around an hour long, I want you to be able to be yourself, so feel free to bring some relaxing music along, and enjoy the time.

$1800 Wedding Photography (200-600 photographs)

The celebration of a man and woman pledging their love is such a special occasion. I would love to photograph yours for you. This package includes coverage of the whole day (7 hours), editing, postage/delivery of photos and any discussion before hand. If you are only want a photographer for a fraction of that time let me know, and I’ll send ya quote specific to you.  (If not in Singleton there will also be extra travel costs. There are further costs if you want me to stay after 8:30pm.)

$200 – $500 Wedding Second Shooting (50-200 photographs)

I can also do second shooting for another photographer and get some more creative shots of your special day, moments the other photographer may have missed, and intersting photos from another angle. Conditions apply (contact me for conditions.)

$290 Small Event Photography, $400 Large Event Photography (approx. 100 photographs) 

I charge an extra $40 if you want a few posed shots of attending people/families, along with the usual unposed candid party shots. After two and a half hours there is an extra $100 per hour. Small events are things like family gatherings and birthday parties. Depending on what the event is I may be willing to photograph local (Singleton) public, non for profit or charity events for little or no charge. Large events are events with 100+ people attending like sports events, or large parties.

Do you have any other sort of shoot you would like? Contact me with what you want and we can work something out.

What You Get

The photo shoot, editing, and you will receive a disk of final images in JPG format, with full printing rights. If you only want one or two photos they will be emailed, or if you only require medium sized photos you can download them via my pixieset client albums, this is also a good option of you want to share them with family. You get full printing rights along with the photos so you can pick your favourites to print, and please do print them, because disks can get lost or damaged and soon enough we won’t be using that technology, so get hard copies! I keep copies of all the edited files for at least two years.

If you are happy for me to display a few of your photos on my website, and Facebook that would be great but if you would rather not I will not put any of them on the internet, just let me know. If you are happy with my services and are willing to, I would also like it if you could review me on Facebook or write a testimony to go on my “Testimonials” page. Just email it to me and I will put it up.


is particularly important for the family sessions.

Accessories are really good; scarves, belts, hair accessories and jewellery all add texture to the photo.

Your family photos will look better if there is some colour coordination. Not with everyone wearing the same thing though, that could look weird. Choose a theme, about three colours or try to pick a similar shade, but different colours or you could go for all different shades of blue except for one person. Please don’t wear clothing with words on it as words will distract the focus away from you. People will look at the photo and naturally start reading them, instead of looking at you.

I want you to look nice and with attention drawn to your face not anywhere else. Because I take photos from various angles and with you in different positions (like lying on the ground) I recommend wearing tops with sleeves and not really low necklines and dresses and skirts that go down to your knees because sometimes it is windy and if they are not long enough that can make it awkward.  Also photos taken from some angles won’t work out as well.  Photos that seem to be just of bare legs and arms can really distract the eyes away from your beautiful face. So think about what people will see. I want you to look your best!