Welcome to Clear Light Photography’s website. Please explore this site, and enjoy the beautiful images I have created. If you would like me to capture some for you let me know and I will mix moments of time and rays of light into memories you can treasure forever.

I am a natural light photographer, so as you can see I primarily take photographs outside. Photographs taken in the golden hour, starting two hours before sunset are my favourite. Though if you are an early riser, morning light is just as good. I would be delighted to get together with you for an evening session when golden light glints off water and leaves or an early morning shoot, when the grass is scatted with  tiny jewels of morning dew. Let me know what your vision is for your photos and I can help you turn it into reality.

Photography is my passion, let me show you what passion can create. Oh and don’t forget to smile, laugh, and enjoy the sunlight on the willows. Let your eyes sparkle, let me catch their shine.