I am guessing you clicked on this page because you wanted to know more about either me or Clear Light Photography. Of course you could have simply been wondering what this page said, so I shall proceed. My name is Clare which means “clear and bright” since my initials are CLF I thought it would be rather nice for my photography name to be similar, and so Clear Light Photography came into existence.

I, Clare, am a young Aussie woman in her twenties and am the photographer, editor, and people poser. When I am not doing paid shoots I am probably out taking photos for fun, reading, writing, helping out around the house, processing my own shots or working as a photographer and ‘editor’ for Austockphoto which is a Australian stock photography library, that launched mid 2016. It is full of authentic Australian images taken in Australia by Aussie photographers.

My younger but taller sister Alice is also a big part of my team. She is my assistant during most photoshoots, but turns into an amazing second shooter at weddings. Alice carries props around, holds children, shines the reflector in peoples eyes, fetches things I left in the car, spots annoying objects in the background of photos and removes them before they are taken, steals sunglasses, keys, wallets and even give them back in the end. Usually she is a web designer, and has built quite a few lovely websites including this one.

I have enjoyed taking photographs ever since I can remember. Now I use both a Canon 600D and a Canon 5D Mark II camera usually with a L series lens (24-105mm f/4.0L IS USM) and also a portraiture lens (canon EF 85mm 1: 1.8.) I am mostly self taught but I did do the “Diploma of Professional Photography” through Courses for Success in July 2014. I have been doing family photo shoots since the beginning of 2014. I hope to continue to bring people joy by capturing beautiful moments for many more years to come.

I am quite happy to do any sort of photography but I specialise in events, child, and family portraiture and pet photography. I take photos because I enjoy it and I get so much satisfaction out of a beautiful photo. I like to capture the smile and light in the eyes of children. I love to freeze a moment of time so it can be kept forever.

Photography is my passion.

I live in Singleton in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW Australia. So most of the shoots I do are fairly local. I am willing to travel at the most 2 hours away, though that generally at least doubles the cost of a session by adding extra time and travel costs. I would love to capture some precious moments, and memories for you, so contact me and book in before it is too late!