I had so much fun with this couple. They have recently been engaged and a friend gave them a voucher for a shoot with me, so they booked in an afternoon. We spent somewhat over an hour wandering along the tracks by Rose Point and down to the river to get some photos as the evening light sparkled on the water then back up the hill to the park, where of course we played on the swings because why ever not. We had a beautiful day, and a good sense of humour, so the time was just lovely.

At the end I was told if my memory serves me, “I thought this would be very serious and stiff and stand up straighter and smile sort of thing, but this was fun.” We did get some piggy back shots and a few people almost ended up in the water, me being one of them. I think I had just as much fun as this lovely couple did.

The lens flares just made me so happy, because light is what makes a photo.