This family managed to get themselves and their cousins organised enough to do a shoot together. So on a sunny afternoon we went down to Rose Point Park and took photos. I took some shots on the way down to the river and more on the way, up. There was a lot of laughter and fun. The little puppy couldn’t be left home alone so they brought their little bundle of fluff along too, and he even managed to sneak into a few shots, though he kept out of most of them as he wasn’t really meant to be there. And when he fell asleep on the grass it was too cute a shot not to photograph.

The photos were a Christmas gift for their grandmother and I am sure she enjoyed them; family photos always make great gifts for family. It is so important to capture everyone together as soon as possible before they all grow up and leave. I had a pretty short deadline to get the photos done by, as they wanted to be able to print some of the photos before Christmas too, but I got them all done in a few days. But it is still always better to book in a few months before Christmas so you don’t miss out!