What a joy this couple is. They, their friends and the whole day sparkled. I had never photographed a wedding before this one, but now I have done it once I am quite confident I could do it again.  First I captured the hustle and bustle of getting the ladies ready and the making of bouquets. Then we headed over to where the men were….. playing. The wedding took place in St Albans’ Anglican Church in Muswellbrook. Again the whole service was beautiful. I crept around trying to get photos without being disturbing.  Bubbles were showered allover the bride as she left the church and floated gleaming overhead as she received many congratulations. Afterwards the bridal party, the other photographer and I, headed over near the river to take some photos there and then we went off to a beautiful garden. I am blessed to know these people.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work. We couldn’t be happier