One afternoon we headed down to the river. For the last few hours I had glanced at the sky and forecast every few minuets. I packed umbrellas and a plastic bag and had a showercap for the camera, in case the rain started. But praise the Lord it held off and we even managed to get a few flashes of sun from behind the clouds. The rain came after the shoot and now almost every place I took photos is meters underwater.

I was a little nervous before the shoot because I had only ever taken photos of little kids and mostly girls, but these two guys turned out to be very fun to photograph. They climbed up under the bridge and wanted photos there, so I climbed up the crazy vine covered rocks, camera bag and all, to get some shots.The kelpie pup just stole the show in a few photos, I am not a massive dog lover, but kelpies are definitely my favourite.


Such a candid shot of the three guys walking along beside the Hunter River. It was one of their favourite shots as well as mine.

Clare did a fabulous job taking our family photos including the new pup! Nothing was too hard and she wasn’t afraid of climbing around to capture the shots.
None of us like having photos taken but we all have favourites from our session with Clare so that speaks for itself.
We were given our photos on disc very quickly, they look fabulous and we are very happy. Highly recommend Clear Light Photography!