I drove out past Lake St Clair to this little families farm. I made friends with the two bigger kids after a few minuets and we wandered outside to start taking photos. The littlest child was only a few weeks old with big beautiful eyes. We wandered around the farm buildings and the kids played in the grass pretending to be mushrooms. The hills and farm sheds made a great background, especially with the beautiful afternoon light.

I got some lovely shots of everyone despite the little boy being more interested in running away or looking at the photos on the camera. Kids will be kids. I also got some photos of the children on blankets their mother had crocheted for each of them which was quite special. The kids had had enough by the time the sun slipped away behind a high hill. So I left while the sunlight still touched the tops of other hills and further on had not yet set. I also had to stop a few times to photograph the sunset over Lake St Clair. Though it was not overly spectacular, there were a few beautiful rays of sunlight as the sun sank slowly down behind the hills over the lake.

We had a great time with Clare & Alice. They drove out to our farm; which with three small children was fantastic for us!
They both put our kids at ease straight away & worked with them to get some awesome shots, even when they weren’t really willing to cooperate!! We have had three family photo shoots in the past, but this was my favourite and definitely produced the best photos! Thanks guys.