I volunteer as a photographer for Dog Rescue Newcastle – Singleton. In December I got the chance to photograph two cute rescue puppies. They bounced around on the lawn, more interested in licking me or getting off the lead then being photographed, but I got a good series of shots for each puppy. Both puppies have forever homes now so the photos must have been good! I really enjoy pet photography it is probably one of my favourite things to photograph, and these two little doggies were just so small and fluffy!

You may think you dog is too naughty, but he is probably similar to other dogs I have photographed, like these cheeky fellows! I can edit leads out of many shots and most dogs don’t like sitting still or cooperating, it just takes patience. That is what a professional photographer is for! It is important to have those precious photos of you dogs, because puppies grow up and old dogs only get older, so book in a shoot before it is too late.