We went back to the same run down farm for another photo shoot. This time a violinist played the sun away. Well actually most of the time I told her to be quiet and hold still. And she is only a beginner violinist. Jane had just bought her violin a week before we did these photos. She had had it a little longer now and is getting very good. But I think we both had fun getting these lovely shots. A lot of the time she sounds just as good as she looks.

We ran out of light a bit sooner than I had intended because I had forgotten that the sun set earlier than last time and we had a little interruption in the middle of the session. But of course that did not stop me getting so many lovely shots. And quite a few interesting and creative ones. I have always wanted to photograph a violinist or some other musician with a pretty instrument. It gives me so many more poses I can use and makes the photos more personal and yet other people also identify more because of the violin or other instrument.





Jane said “Thanks so much, Clare, for the lovely photos you took. I really enjoyed the photoshoot as a whole, and it didn’t feel all stiff and proper either, but there was a nice balance of professionalism – to keep it going – and relaxed fun.”