The last Photo shoot I did was of quite a handsome young man. We went out to the property his father owns in Jerry’s Plains and spent an hour walking around taking photos. I was delighted to find so many backdrops to use, as you really do need a lot when you have only one person to photograph. We got some beautiful golden light just before the sun dipped below the mountains behind us. There were a few good climbing trees, many fences and different buildings.

Once after taking a few shots on a fence we realized that a large lizard already occupied part of the fence less than two meters away!  I was a little worried about posing, not having done a whole photo shoot of just one person before, but I had enough ideas at the time, (and have thought of even more since) and my client was very good at either posing himself or following any of my directions. I got many lovely photos that were then to be given as a Christmas gift, and in my point of view photos are a very good gift!