This photo session mixed two of my favourite things, photography and animals. They are even more challenging than people at times, because I can’t even resort to reasoning with them to make them stay still. One of the most important things with Animals is to get down with them close and personal, even if that means lying on the grass to try get low enough to look a guinea pig in the eye.

Identical chooks make it interesting too, but they are one of my favourite animals. The beautiful, golden, afternoon light spilled across the grass as I waddled around after chooks, sneaked around the cat and tried to get far enough away from the dogs so the camera could focus.

Time is necessary too, patience and just doggedly trying to get that clear shot, following that brown chook around until finally it stays still enough, and being ready to grab that moment. The beautiful green grass makes the photos look so nice too!

Then again some of the animals were just begging to be photographed. Like the cute cream and while guineapig and the black and white chook.