My most recent shoot took place inside a building which made it very interesting. I normally take all my photographs outside in the natural light of Australia, but most of the light I took these photos by  was of course the over head lights in the building and earlier on the light that came through some of the windows. I don’t own a flash. But now I have done the shoot and seen all the photos I am thinking that a flash is not the next bit of equipment I will save up for. The photos turned out rather well and I like the ones without a flash so much better than ones with a flash. Obviously If I had a proper flash they would be a bit better, but flash photography is not really my style. I go for the natural look.

My lovely lens (a canon  EF 85mm 1: 1.8) served me well in the indoor lighting. Very well it is so good at capturing a lot of light! The photos are obviously more grainy than at other times but it is all a trade off. I had a lovely night and got to eat some tasty Indian food, though I had to work out how to eat it without a fork, which made it all the more interesting. I enjoyed taking photos at this event especially because of all the beautiful traditional Indian clothes a lot of the ladies were wearing. There were also a few very pretty little girls there too.