If you are a photographer or even if you have ever been behind any camera you have quite likely heard of this photography rule; “Never take photos into the sun.” Well I have another more important rule; “Occasionally break photography rules.” Photography is an art, rules should not hold back your creativity. They are good guidelines in general, but sometimes they have to be broken. I have sometimes taken the most beautiful photos of people, pants, animals and other things while I had the camera pointing at or in the general direction, of the sun. Quite a few of the photos I took at a recent photo shoot were taken into the sun. In between us and the sun were some lovely green willow trees and the sun shining through their leaves in the background looked wonderful.

This family was such a joy to photograph.  As always the pinwheels were a hit, and as always I got asked the question “Can we keep them?” I answered as I always do. I got so many beautiful photos and happy smiles, though we had a few frowns by the end. But I couldn’t be happier about how the photos came out. The bright colours, laughter, shining green and gold willows, the long, rain watered grass, and the whole family, made it a beautiful evening and very enjoyable shoot.

Thank you Clare for a professional, but relaxed photo shoot. I’m really impressed with the end result. The photos look great. Clare guided us through the photo shoot with what poses to do and what combinations of people to take in different photos. She also was easy going when we had ideas of our own and when the kids just “ad-libbed”. I highly recommend Clare to do a family photo shoot.